Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Facebook + Geographical Distance == paradoxical near-yet-far social dislocation...

The Facebook Blues Rap

[in couplets and pentameterized for your pleasure]

Hangin’ with all of my old Facebook friends,
Double-checkin’ spellin’ ’fore I hit “Send”
The simulacra of smilin’ faces
and candid snapshots of far-off places
make me long for something real and truer
But lookin’ at your pic makes me bluer
’cause I can’t see you in three dimensions,
Threads of comments so cunningly mentioned
compete for my divided attention
Seein’ you on here is just so wrenchin’
Didn’t know you were so stinkin’ clever
Hope we can be Effbee “friends 4ever”
Even if we never do press the flesh
Just catch me later when you hit “Refresh”

—MM Zorn
(a/k/a “Grandmaster Crash” or just “DJ Lithium”)


  1. Rock on GM Crash(I guess that dates me)...

  2. Alriiight!  Blog visitors.  Feedback.  Cherished spouses and in-laws.

    How gratifying to see this here in my cyber echo chamber.  Plus now I know who the potential Facebook hags are out there.

    Now about the SAT word up there for those who can’t remember it:

    Here’s an etymology of the word “simulacrum” at the Online Etymology Dictionary.

  3. Alas, I was too lazy to look it up myself. Thanks.

  4. Nice! Funnily enough there is also a DJ Lithium on Facebook. I see I have many blog posts to peruse, excellent... :)