Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Remember when life was enchanted?

(When I was a child I had a beautiful hardbound edition of Grimms’ Fairy Tales.  I pored over it for hours, envisioning stories of enchantment.)

Welcome to the diary of M., a subterranean suburbanite hausfrau.

Here you will find the dusty and dilapidated daydreams of M.  Sometimes there will merely be slice-of-life vignettes based on her quotidian experiences.  In other instances there will be original poems or short stories.  Some of the stories will be modern-day fairy tales.

Feel free to leave comments of approval or rejection.

(I have found that even rejection is useful in life.)

1 comment:

  1. Your pages are visually rich in imagery and so beautifully composed. The Durer painting is a favorite of mine. He creates such an exquisite tableau of seeding grass and dandelions.